Back from the dead??

Out of maybe pure boredom or something along those lines, I’ve decided to give this ‘site’ a relaunch. With that said, I *MIGHT* give it an actual URL that doesn’t have in it. Possibly wishful thinking but it’s good to dream!!

Anyway. I think we can all agree that 2016 was a shit year. So for me, relaunching this part of Sargasm is supposed to help make 2017 better than what this year was. Which won’t be easy when the tiniest of hands is made the President here in America. (yay……..)

‘Why relaunch this page’ you may ask?? Because I can, that’s why. I’ve deleted well over a years worth of posts and images. Unless you have something other than the free plan on here, you will know that deleting process takes forever!!

I plan to do like I used to and post mostly images. Only this time I am undecided to post a predetermined amount each day or every 2 hours like on my Facebook page.  Cuterday/Saturdays will remain a thing as well as Wallpaper Wednesday’s.

So if you are still subscribed to my mailing list and didn’t delete/stop emails from here, Thank you and hope you continue to view and even invite friends to do the same!!

PS: I know I ramble a lot, it can’t be helped.




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